Subject: Re: 2 new problems with current 931213
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/15/1993 10:12:38
> Re: `panic: setrq', I've only ever seen this caused by the ugly hack
> someone posted that he claimed `fixed' the silo overflows with cheap
> UARTs.
> If you're using that patch, you should burn it.  If not, then I suppose
> I will try to reproduce it.

 I am using this patch too on 11/24 current system. And I faced this
probrem. But without this patch My Toshiba Dynabook SX001(386SX-16MHz
,NS16450) can't use serial port enough(too much silo overflow). I changed
this patched com driver not to happen 'panic: setrq'(I think) and added
com driver to bidirectional support(based on old cgd's com driver but not
MULTIPORT support).

 Although this is tested only on my Dynabook yet,  If someone need this
modified patch, I will post it.
Koji Imada - je4owb/2