Subject: 2 new problems with current 931213
To: None <>
From: S|ren Schmidt <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/14/1993 16:46:44
I've just upgraded from current 931205 to current as of 931213 
and experienced two new problems:

1: XFree86-2.0 build fails in twm & xgc saying:
	ld: premature eof in datasegment of libXmu(libXext)
	static build succeds though...

2: Heavy use on the serial ports panics the system (reliably
	when X is running :-)) mostly with a panic: setrq
	this is using kermit that is statically linked 
	I think this has to do with shared libs somehow, as using the
    kernel from 931205 also has this problem now (that worked
	until the update to 931213)

Any Ideas ?? (HELP!)

Maybe I should have stayed away of anything with 13 in it :-)

                                           Soeren Schmidt