To: None <>
From: Brad Parker <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/06/1993 07:47:41
In message <199312060655.WAA24018@eden.CS.Berkeley.EDU>, "Chris G. Demetriou" w

>we've just added multicast support to the kernel.  use
>"options MULTICAST" to enable it.
>a warning:
>the values of the constants passed to the [gs]etsockopt syscalls
>have changed.  I don't know why they were changed, but LBL and CSRG
>are responsible for it, and, in the long run, it'll definitely
>reduce *our* headaches to do it this way.

humm..  The last time I added multicast support to the 386BSD kernel,
this was not required.  Steve McCanne (LBL) and I were careful to
coordinate the ioctl's also.  I wonder what happened.  Is this code
from him?

Also, be careful, as routed grabs the interface flags with no mask and
there was (last time I did this) a collision between the interface
flags and routed's internal flags.  This caused routed to add new
interfaces at regular intervals, so it's vm space would grow over
time... (this may be fixed)