Subject: Re: problems w/current
To: Brad Parker <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/05/1993 17:58:34
> - in order to rebuild "usr.bin/make" I needed to (cd usr/src/include;
> make install) first, because MACHINE_ARCH is defined in
> include/machine/param.h

You should always install /usr/src/share/mk and /usr/src/include after

> - config in usr.sbin does not build (ok, I know, use, but config
> is in the makefile); this appears to be a typo in lang.l (MACHIN needs to be

I don't think so.  MACHIN is defined in a couple of places in
config.y, and it builds just fine for me.  Have you bootstrapped the
new flex properly?

I did, however, notice a problem with the usr.sbin/config/Makefile.
in the SRCS line, config.c should be changed to config.y, and lang.c
should be changed to lang.l.  Otherwise, among other things, "make
clean" doesn't delete config.c or lang.c.

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