Subject: GDB v4.11 and NetBSD 0.9
To: Current Users <>
From: robert ellsworth <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/04/1993 13:58:09
Hello everyone, 
   I recently grabbed GDB v4.11, and ran into a little bit of a problem.  
When I configure it, using no arguments, it states that there is no
configuration for netbsd-0.9.  I then decided to use i386-bsd as the argument
for configure, and all went smoothly from there.  It created the Makefile, and
I was able to compile it.  Using the GDB compiled with i386-bsd, it runs but 
will not read in and executable files (Gives incompatible executable file).
My question is, what should I use as an argument to get gdb to work?  Or
do I need to do something else?
	Thank you..
		Robert Ellsworth