Subject: Re: pcnfsd running on current
To: None <dsndata!!helios!!Fergus.Smith>
From: Randy Terbush <sierra!>
List: current-users
Date: 12/02/1993 21:27:00
>I am currently (pun) serving 7 dospc's running MS-windows over FTP's
>PCTCP packages.   I am using the pcnfsd that was supplied in the
>contrib directories of BSDI.  Each PC has ~4-6 TCP NFS mounts on the
>NetBSD-current server.  I have patched NFS in NetBSD to allow
>asyncronous writes, and will be watching for problems/improvements
>today.  I am getting ~700K bits/sec get's with 'ftp'.  
>I do have source for a newer version of pcnfsd, but have not given
>that a try.

  Fergus> We are not running pcnfsd on current, but on 0.9. So far we have not had any 
  Fergus> problems but we have yet to stress it too hard. We are looking at the 
  Fergus> possibility of using a NetBSD box to act as a server for our 15 or so 
  Fergus> diskless PC's. Would it be possible for you to send us any information about 
  Fergus> any tricks you have used to optimise your configuration to act as a server 
  Fergus> for this many PC's. Also you mention a new version of pcnfsd could you tell 
  Fergus> us where we might be able to get a copy of this from ?

All of these PC's have local disks and local DOS and Windows installs.
I would be scared to do it diskless at this point of my knowledge.  6
active users seem to keep the packets flowing.

Printing via Winsock's is pretty cool, and once it was setup, it seems
to work pretty well.  (Output to LPT1 is redirected to socket
connected via LPR to the 'lpd' on the network)

I would be happy to send you config info after I have tweaked this
thing for a few weeks.  Remind me if you don't hear from me.

I still have one application that I cannot seem to run over the
network.  It is a RMCobol package called RealWorld Accounting.  Any
ideas as to why would be greatly appreciated.  It simply hangs and
kills my mount for that drive.

As for the newer version of pcnfsd, I took a closer look at the
source, and the only difference appears to be a pcnfs client that is
included.  The rest of the sources are identical.  The version I have
is dated Jan-93.  I understand that there is a newer version, but have
not yet located it.

Randy Terbush
UUCP: netcomsv!dsndata!randy