Subject: Re: Adaptec & scsi audio
To: Kim Andersen <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 12/01/1993 23:21:09
> I'm wondering whether somebody is working on getting Julian's latest 
> scsi into current ?
> The user-level cmd's looks promising, and I would love having it.

Not only that, but some changes made by Julian around August finally
solved all my problems with Archive tape drives on a 1542b adapter.
The version string in the aha1542.c that worked was:

 *	$Id: aha1542.c,v 1.5 93/08/26 21:12:17 julian Exp Locker: julian $

I switched to NetBSD at the start of November and I'm again unable to
reliably backup and restore.

For the record, the basic problem seems to relate to EOF handling, the
last blocks of data from each tape file never make it to apps like
retsore or cpio etc and of course commands like 

	mt fsf 5 

are a waste of time because it invariably ends up at the wrong spot.

So an update to the scsi stuff would be greatly appreciated here too
:-)  I'm happy to help in the effort, though my holiday may be comming
to an end soon.

> In correspondance with Julian he writes:
> >>it may compile under NetBSD 0.9 (I'm porting it to NetBSD 1.0)
> >>but some work will need to be done on the user-level scsi
> >>(some 20 or so lines need to be added as Physio is different).
> >>
> >>I have had no confirmation as to how it works under NetBSD 0.9
> >>as I do not have it up and running.
> >>
> >>Several NetBSD people have taken copies, but I don't
> >>know how much success they had in porting it or even if it needed porting
> >>as I never heard back from them.

Status?  Is help needed?