Subject: Re: scsi controllers
To: Roland McGrath <>
From: Robert Crowe <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/30/1993 15:23:40
In message <>, Roland McGrath writes:
>I have an Adaptec 1542 in my ISA/VESA machine.  I now understand that
>I cannot use this controller when I get more than 16MB of memory.
>From doc/INSTALL_NOTES it seems that since I don't have EISA, the only
>other SCSI controllers netbsd supports are the Ultrastor 14f and 3f.
>Is that the case?  Do these controllers work with >16MB of RAM?  Are
>there any SCSI controllers I can use with netbsd and more than 16MB of
>RAM that will take advantage of my VESA slot?

I have successfully used and tested an Ultrastor 34F (VESA) SCSI
controller on a box with 32MB.  In an email response from Julian
(sp?), he seemed to indicate that either VESA or EISA controllers had
no problems with DMA above 16MB (I don't know if he was referring to
his latest code, or the -current code though).  In fact, I had no
problems either, but I only ran it for a few days (but I did beat the
hell out of it for those few days:-).

These controllers seem to work just fine, I have used them in several
machines with no problems.  Looking around, you should be able to get
one in the low $200's, which is not all that much more expensive than
the adaptecs.


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