Subject: YP
To: Theo Deraadt <>
From: Erick Herring <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/30/1993 23:40:02
Theo Deraadt writes:
| I'd like to know how many people are using YP. It looks like I'm going
| to have to change the format of the /var/yp/bindings files (to be
| more SunOS compatible).
| Unfortunately, this is going to break all binaries compiled against
| libc: those binaries will continue to work in a non-YP environment,
| but will blow up (in a way I've not yet determined) in a YP environment.
| I could #ifdef i386 it in the right places, but if not many people
| are using YP perhaps now is the time to change it and do it right.

I am using it on some machines, and will curse having to recompile,
but I think that if you're gonna do it that now's the time!  I think
that it is not good to have two versions of things...