Subject: Re: CVS & Perl in distribution... please
To: Adam Glass <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <cgd@nobozo.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 11/30/1993 01:42:10
[ just to dredge up an old debate... ]

> The two tools you mentioned are good tools, but I wouldn't describe
> them as essential core utilities.  We are great fans of CVS but it is
> not a required tool.  Perl even more so, as we have no perl scripts
> currently in use.  If your point is that we should include an adduser
> script, then I agree, but we can easily find a sh based solution.

A couple of (points|nits):
	(1) this message is being delivered to you by a perl script;
		majordomo is a perl script.  (yecch, but i'm glad;
		i've had to hack it some, and it's somewhat easy... 8-)
	(2) up to this point, we've tried to keep the stuff in
		/usr/src limited to:
			a) code in net/2, or updated versions thereof
			b) code needed to make /usr/src and or the
				installation environment complete.
				(vfs_bio.c is an example of the
				former, gzip of the latter... 8-)
			c) code which is "expected" in a BSD system

perl is nice; i've not used it much, but i see it has merits.
CVS is, well, *critical* to NetBSD's development.

still, i don't think they belong in /usr/src; average users won't
use them ("What are shell scripts?!" 8-), and advanced users will
probably want to get/compile the latest version for themselves...

also, for example, CVS has lots of options, and sites will want to
set them up differently...