Subject: Re: wd woes
To: Dale Rahn <>
From: Brad Parker <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/29/1993 12:17:50
In message <>, Dale Rahn writes:

>> writes:
>> Marc Wandschneider <> writes:
>> > 	In case anybody is working on this stuff, and is interested, I've
>> > 	got come up with some, um... interesting data points on problems
>> > 	with the wd driver (specifically the hanging disk light problem).
>> > 
>> > 	Three times now, I have been struck by the hanging disk light
>> > 	problem.
>> I had this problem as well on my IDE drive, except much worse: I would
>> be lucky to get through an hour without hanging, and lucky to get
>> through one night without destroying my filesystem.
>Would it be possible that the problem  is not in the IDE driver??
>I had the same filesystem damage this last week running a scsi-only
>I am running 0.9 since it has been release and have not had any probelms
>with it until this last week. Last week I purchased an ethernetcard,
>SMC Elite16 Ultra.  Using the 0.9 ed driver I was unable to use the
>card (only the latest version supports the Ultra: THANKS davidg)
>While running this new kernel (0.9 I have been using for 3 months with
>ed0 driver) I had filesystem damage to root. Last saturday I got the
>new ed driver which supported the Ultra card and tried it.
>While running this kernel I had drastic filesystem damage to my /usr,
>I effectively lost all but my /home.

I've been running reasonably current 0.9a kernels for a while, off an IDE
drive (drive 1, no less) using the unpatched wd driver.  I have an SMC
Elite16 also.

I found that very intensive disk activity would generally cause a
"hang", but I never saw any disk corruption (fsck would repair any
damage and I never lost any files).  The hangs always seemed to happen
after a big kernel build, in the link (ld) and at night (the "find" in
root's crontab?).

I put the patch in for wd.c and I've stopped hanging.  Now I get
(suprise) "wd1: lost interrupt - status 58, error 0".  But at least I
don't hang.

I'm on a localbus 33mhz 486.