Subject: Re: wd woes
To: None <>
From: Marc Wandschneider <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/28/1993 14:22:48
| From: Charles Hannum  <netmail!>
| I have never heard of a `disk hang' resulting in a corrupted file
| system before.  The standard problem of missed interrupts cannot
| conceivably cause that.
| What date did you get the source you are running?  Have you made any
| changes to it yourself?

	This problem has happened three times: Twice while running
	generic 0.9 with NO changes to the GENERICHAHA kernel
	save the addition of the mms0 driver.  The third time happened
	with -current as of the 17th of November, again with
	no changes.

	There was a patch posted here a while back which I have not
	tried yet.  Some people I talked to privately weren't quite
	sure it fixed the problem.

						Marc 'em.