Subject: Small bug in disklabel
To: None <>
From: simonm <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/28/1993 13:01:53
Hi Folks,

There's a small bug in disklabel.  If you attempt to label a disk with
no NetBSD partition, it prints the following message:

overwriting disk with DOS partition table? (n):

If you then press return, it goes ahead and does it anyway.  The
relevant bit of code is (around line 390, disklabel.c):

		printf("overwriting disk with DOS partition table? (n):");
		c = getchar();
		if (c != EOF && c != (int)'\n')
			while (getchar() != (int)'\n')
		if  (c == (int)'n')

I don't have a patch, but it's simple to fix.  I just wish somebody
else had found this bug before I managed to disklabel my OS/2 drive :-(