Subject: Re: wd woes
To: Charles Hannum <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- Iowa State University <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/28/1993 00:25:23
>Well, the situation is pretty simple.  We do development, not
>support.  If you want support, I suggest you buy BSDI.

I never asked for support.  I asked for a working wd driver.  The
current driver is not functional for many people.  Seems developing a
functional wd driver would go a long ways towards developing a
functional OS for a lot of people, since a non-functional wd driver
makes for a non-functional OS.

Those who don't have to live with the hanging IDE problem don't
realize just how worthless it can make the operating system, when you
can't even count on it finishing a compile without locking up.
Especially when the computer is located in a remote location.

I realize there are many other priorities and everyone is contributing
their labor for free.  I was simply asking for someone who has ample
documentation and experience with the relevant hardware to please
spend some time replacing our dysfunctional wd driver.

It appears that this is, in fact, happening from what you say below.
But how was I supposed to know without you saying so?  And am I to be
expected to just sit with my computer turned off til you finish the
thing?  I think a patch, ugly or not, that band-aids the problem so my
computer is at least useable in the interum isn't such a bad thing.

>There is a new wd driver in the works, but it's for the `magnum'
>branch, and won't work in -current.  Now, I could spend some time
>going over the patch you mentioned, but it would subtract from the
>time I can spend working on the new version.  And the resulting
>patched driver still wouldn't work for some people.

>There will be a reasonable wd driver before the next release, but it
>will not happen today or tomorrow.

Thank you.  This is all I ask.  I will run this patch until you are
able to release what I am sure will be a very fine replacement driver.


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