Subject: wd woes
To: None <>
From: Marc Wandschneider <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/27/1993 20:59:37
	In case anybody is working on this stuff, and is interested, I've
	got come up with some, um... interesting data points on problems
	with the wd driver (specifically the hanging disk light problem).

	Three times now, I have been struck by the hanging disk light

	The first time, the root partition was so hopelessly trashed up
	(directories were bad, files were bad, it was just bad :-)) I
	reinstalled the OS.  This would have probably been unecessary had
	I had a backup of the files in wd0a

	THe second time I had the crash, about 50% of the files in
	/etc were replace by files of the exact same size, except that
	this time they contained only something like the output of ls -alF
	from wd1a (typically /src/XFree86-2.0/mit/server/ddx/x386/.... stuff
	was found in these files)

	The third time (Friday :-(), about 40% of the files in wd0a
	were trashed---replaced with random block and character
	special files of the same name.  Ie /sbin/init became
	c 3 5 or something like that.  Most of /etc/ was trashed again,
	and a bunch of other files in /sbin and /var were trashed up.
	(Directories also get so beat up they have to be deleted
	and recreated)

	Interesting note on how the crashes seem to happen:  I'm doing
	'heavy' work, then relax for a bit, then go and do
	something trivial like cat README.  That shell locks up.
	Go to another shell in another xterm, hit a key, lockup, same thing
	in all other shells.  Do something that causes the XF86
	server to have to do some work, it finally locks up.  ByeBye

	I am now running a cron job that just backs up wd0a each night
	and puts it on another disk (god I need a tape drive big time :-))

						Marc 'em.