Subject: Bells & Whistles for NetBSD
To: None <>
From: Amancio Hasty Jr <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/25/1993 08:47:25
The Linux sound driver which supports multiple sound cards is
available at:

I am using adagio to play midi files (adagio is also from linux)
You may run into slight problems compiling adagio just build the
non-X version first. When I get a chance I will put diffs, the 
original source of my binary is lone gone;however, it should
not be too difficult for me to compile it again.

For GUS owners:
You will need to get  your patches into a directory. I use

I just ftp the patches from one my systems running DOS to my
Unix box. If this proves to be a handicap, I can upload
to an ftp site my patch directory. 

Last but a very thorny problem is that the GUS must be initialized
under DOS. According to Hannu, SCO has the same problem. If you
don't the DMA transfers to the card will hang the application 
(you can always quit the application or kill it)

Related to the DMA issue after playing a song the driver hangs
the application. I have a pretty good idea what it is waiting
for and will fix this problem over the next couple of days.
For now, I just control-c the app and all is well.
This problem only happens if you are playing midi files, if
you are just catting files to /dev/audio it should be okay.
Xboing as distributed should work, if memory does not failed
me just compile Xboing with the linux option.