Subject: Re: tsort again
To: None <bachesta@genesis.Data-IO.COM>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/25/1993 11:37:16
bachesta@genesis.Data-IO.COM writes:

jb> I built and installed the tsort patch. It got past the loop 
jb> that was hanging the system up with the following message:

jb> tsort: cycle in data.

jb> Is this something to worry about? 

Not really.  This is an informative message only (to stderr).  As it says,
there are a cycle in the dependencies you've input.  Actually, it should
also output what nodes are in the cycle.  Doesn't it?  In order for tsort
to continue making a total ordering of the nodes it has to break a cycle
(at least one).  It just informs you which cycle has been broken.

"We will occasionally use this arrow notation unless there is danger of
 no confusion."
			-- Ronald Graham, "Rudiments of Ramsey Theory"