Subject: Re: automated ftp of source - possible
To: Thomas M. Crockett <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/23/1993 10:16:17
I do my ftps in a semiautomated manner.  I copy the CVS mail message to two files;
in one of them, I cut out everything but the U messages, then do a global substitute
of "^U" for "get", and then add "cd pub/NetBSD" to the top.  In the other, I change
"^U" to "mkdir", kill the filename component of all of the lines remaining, then
I (by hand) duplicate each line enough times and kill enough components to make up
for the fact that "mkdir foo/bar/baz" doesn't create foo and foo/bar as well...

This process winds up taking little enough time that I haven't felt the need for
further automation; if someone with even less patience than I has an
improved scheme,
I'm interested too :-).

Note that this doesn't delete outdated versions of files that have been moved or
destroyed, which can cause build problems (why doesn't the CVS report
mention these?).