Subject: Re: conditional symbolic links
To: John Brezak <>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/23/1993 17:08:18
John Brezak wrote:
> You also might consider '@host' too. This is from DCE/DFS and is equally useful.

I don't know about "equally", but I can see where it could be handy.
I hope to hack on it this weekend, and I'll include @host.

> BTW- DCE/DFS has BOTH '@sys' and '@host'.
> @host resolves to the same thing as gethostname()
> @sys resolves to the same thing as uname -h (Unless you have AFS; then it is
> 	"fs sysname")

I don't have an -h.  I have old binaries, so maybe this is a new
addition.  Or did you mean -m? I think the @sys identifiers should be
more distinctive than what -m gives...  Perhaps follow AFS's lead, and
use $arch+"_"+lower($osname)+removedots($version) [eg, i386_netbsd09,
amiga_netbsd09a, sparc_netbsd10, etc].  Unfortunately that yields
somewhat unwieldly names.  Maybe just use "n" instead of "netbsd"?

Any comments on implementing these at the global VFS level vs individual
filesystems? I'm leaning back towards the latter now...

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