Subject: Re: X problems
To: Amancio Hasty Jr <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/22/1993 09:53:19
> My kernel is netBSD-0.9 
> How can I upgrade to NetBSD-current?

FTP the latest tar.gz files(*), unpack them, figure out the right sequence in which
to gingerly rebuild things (would the author of the latest instructions care to
repeat them?), install it in / and off you go.  If it works, remember to
move /netbsd to /netbsd.old and / to /netbsd and reboot, else ps and other
things will break mysteriously (GRRR!  Has anyone considered porting (or
reimplementing) CMU's table() system call to end that foolishness?) 

> So far, I am getting a mysterious sd0 non-media hardware error while 
> accessing my toshiba 1.2g scsi drive.

I see that too on one of my drives.  I thought it was just that I had a piece-of-
junk-Maxtor drive.  It would be nice if the driver printed out the additional-sense-
code and qualifier, for the benefit of those with scsi specs handy ;-).  (That, of
course, isn't at all hard to add, certainly not as hard as the mode-select command
I added to my driver to enable and disable the on-drive cache while hunting down a
disk drive bug (!)...)