Subject: NetBSD-current.. install?
To: None <>
From: Ji <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/22/1993 05:26:33

I have just ftp'ed the NetBSD-current src tar files and I have been trying
to get the shared libraries installed. Could someone please tell me the
order in which everything should be compiled/made etc.. to get a running

My thinking was that I had to get gcc/ld/gas compiled first, but this
requires gnumalloc which requires the new include files to be installed,
which breaks gcc/ld/gas since some of the header files have variables not
defined in my current (0.9) C library. I next tried to compile the C library
in the distribution (which I think again required the new /usr/include files)
and installed those but now I get an 'undefined DYNAMIC' error in crt.0
(if I remember correctly!) whenever I try to link anything! 

I am doing something incredibly stupid or is there some very simple method
which I am missing??

Thanks for your help,