Subject: Re: 1542c argh....
To: None <>
From: Quentin Conner <sleeper!>
List: current-users
Date: 11/21/1993 15:25:51
> Once again, I had problems with my 1542c, so off I went to my
> vendor and he gave me a shielded scsi cable which seems to have
> cured my problem with NetBSD-0.8 and DOS. I was able to play
> games off my CD for a little while.
> At work, I created a simple CDROM distribution for the purpose
> of checking out the distribution. I knew that my first try 
> was not going to be perfect. I have never created a CDROM and
> I had no clue what I was up for. To my pleasant suprise,
> NetBSD-0.9 and my CDROM writer at work seems to be compatible.
> The other side of the equation is a CDROM installation kit and
> a single boot floppy to kick off the installation procedure from
> the CDROM. If anyone has any thoughts on how to do this I would
> appreciate e-mail.

I have been around and around with SCSI and basically the following
is a good rule of thumb:

	If you are running *any* external cabling (i.e. mixing the
	flat ribbon cable and the round stuff) you are going to need
	forced perfect termination.  I bought mine from Aeronics 
	Corporation and it solved all my SCSI woes.  The model is for
	a Centronics external cable and is called FPT-18.  Highly
	recommended.  If you will have only internal devices and will
	daisy chain using ribbon cable only, passive termination will
	suffice.  It is true that the SCSI bus drivers on the 1542C
	have a shorter rise time, hence a greater bandwidth is
	required for cables - and you need better cables and termi-

With regards to installing off of CDROM - I made a CDROM with NetBSD-0.9
on it and slightly modified the install floppies.  Enough of my friends
wanted to run it and a bazillion floppies is *not* the right answer...
Basically you have to add mount_isofs to either the INSTALL1 or INSTALL2
floppies and replace the kernel on the boot disk with one having ISOFS
support (this may be wrong - I made a new kernel primarily because all
the guys have SMC Elite ethernet at IRQ 10, I/O 300, MEM D0000).  It works
very nice to do the initial 3 floppies, mount the CDROM and install the
rest from there.
Good Luck!
Quentin Conner
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