Subject: Re: Querry: "Error: Unresolved inheritence operation"
To: None <>
From: Marc Wandschneider <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/21/1993 12:16:38
| From: John Brezak  <netmail!>

| > NetBSD-current version: Nov 15 06:28:04
| > X11:                    X11R5pl25 XFree-2.0
| > Shared library patch for XFree-2.0:
| >                  John Brezak <>
| >                  15 Nov 1993 15:07:53 EST
| >                  as posted to <>
| >
| >
| Be sure you are using the latest "ld" and build it with "-DEXPERIMENTAL" .

	I recently applied John's patches, and everything appears to be
	cool (I love how small everything is now :-)!!!)

	However, there are a couple of weird things that happened during
	the build:

	1. Lib Xmu didn't appear to build right the first time around---During
	the make World, there was one line where it did something to the
	effect of:

	(cd static; ld blah blah blabh)

	and it barfed because it couldn't find

	However, after the build was done, I went back there and did a
	make, and everything worked out fine.

	2.  I'm not sure if this is desired/required, but the only way
	to get any X program to work was if I put all of the libX*.so.*
	in /usr/lib (or sym-linked them at least).  Having them in
	/usr/X386/lib, /usr/lib/X11, and /usr/local/X11/lib doesn't quite
	hack it.
	    I assume this is some search path thingie, and while
	it isn't a problem for me, I just wanted to be sure that it was
	the correct behaviour.

						marc 'em.

	P.S.  Bhudda on a Bagel---it's snowing in Seattle!!!!