Subject: 1542c argh....
To: None <>
From: Amancio Hasty Jr <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/21/1993 11:49:01

I am like a dog with his tail between his legs :-(

My system configuration:

cpu:	486DX33 64k cache 8MB of memory
disk:	toshiba 1.2gb (external)
cdrom:  toshiba 3401  (internal)
adapter: adaptec 1542c (argh.....)
vga:    Actix S3 928
monitor: Nanao 17" Color monitor
sound card: Gravis Ultra Sound

A bit of history and hopefully the problem with the adaptec 1542c 
can be placed on a FAQ not so much for me but for new comers.

Originally, I did have a hell of time with my 1542c. At first
even my vendor, had a tough time with my adaptec but basically
playing with setting the terminators on the adaptec and my
external drive it fixed the problem. All was well till I got
my toshiba 3401 CDROM and I decided to just have it  internal.

Once again, I had problems with my 1542c, so off I went to my
vendor and he gave me a shielded scsi cable which seems to have
cured my problem with NetBSD-0.8 and DOS. I was able to play
games off my CD for a little while.

Because, I am no longer working on X server stuff and the
new sound driver support which I am working is relatively 
small, I decided to upgrade to NetBSD-0.9 ( my mouth was
watering with the posibility for shared library support
and loadable kernel modules :-) )

At work, I created a simple CDROM distribution for the purpose
of checking out the distribution. I knew that my first try 
was not going to be perfect. I have never created a CDROM and
I had no clue what I was up for. To my pleasant suprise,
NetBSD-0.9 and my CDROM writer at work seems to be compatible.

I know that people would like NetBSD-current with shared library
support but from what I have seen the shared library support is
not quite here. When the shared library support is ready I will 
be more than happy to make a CDROM.

The other side of the equation is a CDROM installation kit and
a single boot floppy to kick off the installation procedure from
the CDROM. If anyone has any thoughts on how to do this I would
appreciate e-mail.

Back to the 1542c, I disconnected my CDROM from the scsi adapter
and all seems to work fine. So I will be calling for sure
Adaptec tomorrow to get a replacement if not I will be very
happy to buy the latest rev and trash my current adaptec adapter.

	Thanks guys!