Subject: X problems
To: None <>
From: Amancio Hasty Jr <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/20/1993 01:53:57
Whenever I start X it seems to work okay till I start my first client, then
the server dies... 

My kernel is netBSD-0.9 

How can I upgrade to NetBSD-current?

On my end:

So far, I am getting a mysterious sd0 non-media hardware error while 
accessing my toshiba 1.2g scsi drive.

The CDROM seems to work like a charm with  the RockRidge Extensions.

I just created a simple distribution of the NetBSD-0.9 release and
a few more things like a XFree86, and X.

For people like me it will be nice, that the installation floppies
to have mount_isofs so I can mount the CD and continue installing
the NetBSD distribution.

This kernel seems to be a bit unstable compared to netbsd-0.8;however,
this may be due to the kernel having problems with my disk drive.