Subject: Welcome to current
To: None <current-users, merge, netbsd-bugs, netbsd-help, netbsd-ports, netbsd>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/19/1993 12:18:08
Welcome to the current mailing list!

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, send the
following command in email to "":

    unsubscribe current current-users merge netbsd-bugs netbsd-help netbsd-ports netbsd

Here's the general information for the list you've subscribed to, in
case you don't already have it:

This list exists to inform people of changes to the NetBSD-current
tree that will affect them.  Everyone running NetBSD-current is
encouraged to subscribe and listen.  Don't send mail to here, this
list is writeable only by people modifying the -current source tree.