Subject: frequent kernel panicing
To: None <>
From: Marc Wandschneider <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/19/1993 07:20:37

	I have been running current as of last friday since last friday.

	However, I have now begun to notice something that makes doing
	any serious work a little troublesome:

	The kernel panics during ANY relatively long (> 2 minutes)

	After a certain point during the install last friday, some of the
	GNU stuff just wouldn't build because of all these, and I had
	to install what was already there.  An attempt to compile X last
	night generated 4 more before I gave up, and a simple attempt
	at nethack died this morning (compiling one-liners and smaller
	programs such as top seem to work however...)

	Sitting down and watching the build closesly (these sudden panics/
	reboots happen over a _VERY_ short period of time) shows that
	some panic message is printed out, and the machine very quickly
	is rebooting.

	At first I thought there might be something wacked out with the
	filesystems or whatever, but now I am entirely unsure---could there
	be some problem with some of the new tools?  I am running this on
	a system with IDE drives...

						Marc 'em.