Subject: Re: Help - tsort loops on building library
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/18/1993 12:57:13 (Frank van der Linden) writes:

fvl> I've had a problem with tsort looping endlessly when building libXmu.
fvl> The problem was not related to shared libraries (tsort was linked
fvl> statically), and was reproducable when compiling the tsort source on
fvl> another system (SunOS), so it must be a bug in tsort.

fvl> If you take the output of lorder-ing the objects in libXmu, and feed that
fvl> to tsort, it loops. Must be an easy thing to fix, but haven't had time to
fvl> look at it.

Actually, there may be several bugs in here.  I had problems building
ligcc1.a and discovered that my version of join (which is used in the
lorder script) produces output that differ from what a previous version
produced.  I got old source for join from Nov 7th, rebuilt join and now
the library builds ok.  (The one that didn't work was from Nov 15th.)  It
seems like the newest join produced a fully expanded product of the two
tables.  I have not investigated this further.

Anyway, tsort still has a bug.

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