Subject: Re: Help - tsort loops on building library
To: None <>
From: Changhwa Lin <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/17/1993 15:44:23
	> this was "fixed" by (alternately) bug fixes to:
	> 	tsort
	> 	make

	I remember...

	> especially the former.  It used to show itself nicely when you'd
	> build libc w/o an 'obj' directory.

	Ok Ok. see the other mail - I will do a make obj...

I don't have the previous mail but I tried the trick by 

	make obj MACHINE=i386
	make MACHINE=i386

in src/gcc/usr.bin/gcc2/common. It still stocked at tsort.

Then I tried the following: in src/gcc/usr.bin/gcc2/common

	ls *.obj | lorder > out

	tsort < out

no lock. apparently it's problem with tsort.