Subject: Re: NSF oddities
To: None <>
From: Mats Wichmann <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/17/1993 09:51:14
] > The next one is junkbox, which runs -current.  I NFS mount several Ultrix
] > 4.3a-based systems.  On the Ultrix side, a lot of ``RFS DISPATCH ERRORS, NO
] > REPLY'' messaes are given.  A lot.  Like all the time when compiling.
] > 
] > Also, /usr/lib/ is ln'd to /usr/lib/ when
] > installing libterm.  However, this fails totally...  it seems that a simple 
] > ``rm /usr/lib/'' does not work!  I had to log onto the NFS
] > server and rm it there...
] > 
] > And NFS leave junk files on the server a lot -- .nfs1234565.4 all over the
] > place...

] this, however, is alien to me...

Some of this is NFS' attempt to enforce UNIX open file semantics: when
an open file is removed, access is still allowed for the processes that
have it open, so the NFS client side renames the file to
.nfs[something] and removes the name when the vnode goes inactive.
Sometimes when the time sync is off between the two machines, the
client side gets pretty confused about file creations and deletions -
these things are unfortunately time-based.  So the above don't sound
like killer problems, but _might_ be indicative of something deeper.
I've seen both of these symptoms on SVR4 ports I've worked on.
Running a time daemon to keep the clocks in sync might help...

Mats Wichmann
Software Consultant