Subject: Re: Problems with latest sources ( 11/16/93 )
To: Brian Moore <>
From: None <bachesta@genesis.Data-IO.COM>
List: current-users
Date: 11/17/1993 08:44:35
>Has anyone else had a problem with sed from the latest install?
>I brought the latest sources down yesterday, and did a global
>make and make install.  When I got to /usr/src/share/me the make
>install barfed saying 'sed:  Can't allocated memory'.  I went over to
>the sed source tree and tried to test out sed with the test scripts
>and hanoi.sed, and it complained all over the place about bad identifiers.

Yes I saw the same problem yesterday. I assumed it was a locally
generated problem created by me. Anyway I simple did a make 
clean, make, make install for sed and it cleared right up.


Jim Bachesta