Subject: Re: Three Current Problems
To: None <dsndata!!helios!!kim>
From: Randy Terbush <sierra!>
List: current-users
Date: 11/16/1993 20:35:00
> files that no longer appear to exist:  <machine/ioctl_pc.h> and
> <machine/console.h>.  Have I just somehow missed installing these, or

  Kim> You should install them yourself.

  Kim> I really wonder why the XFree team decided this way. There ought to be a
  Kim> better way.
  Kim> Some link's or include directives for the Xfree would have done it (I guess)

I agree!!  I get bitten by this one every time I build X, since
/usr/include/machine gets wiped everytime I reinstall in the
src/include directory.

I have admittedly not looked at what we are getting from these two
includes, but it seems we should not be forcing these includes into
/usr/include/*.  Is there a reason I should not fix this?

Randy Terbush
UUCP: netcomsv!dsndata!randy