Subject: Re: Three Current Problems
To: John F. Woods <>
From: Peter Galbavy <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/16/1993 20:22:08
> (1) I tried building the XFree86 2.0 distribution last night, and the
> servers didn't compile (though the log file claimed the entire build
> finished successfully).  I eventually tracked it down to the header
> file mit/server/ddx/x386/os-support/xf86_OSlib.h including two header
> files that no longer appear to exist:  <machine/ioctl_pc.h> and
> <machine/console.h>.  Have I just somehow missed installing these, or
> is there an update to xf86_OSlib.h that I lack?  I also couldn't see
> any trace of support for the VT_ virtual terminal ioctls in the
> current kernel sources.  What am I missing?

These files are in mit/server/ddx/x386/etc/*.h and have to be hand installed
before building XFree86 2.0. I mentioned this to the xfree86 team - or
maybe just one of them, and yes they had omitted to say that  in the install

Dunno about the rest authoratatively enough...
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