Subject: Re: Three Current Problems
To: Kim Andersen <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/16/1993 19:43:42 (Kim Andersen) writes:
> > (1) I tried building the XFree86 2.0 distribution last night, and the
> > servers didn't compile (though the log file claimed the entire build
> > finished successfully).  I eventually tracked it down to the header
> > file mit/server/ddx/x386/os-support/xf86_OSlib.h including two header
> > files that no longer appear to exist:  <machine/ioctl_pc.h> and
> > <machine/console.h>.  Have I just somehow missed installing these, or
> > is there an update to xf86_OSlib.h that I lack?  I also couldn't see
> > any trace of support for the VT_ virtual terminal ioctls in the
> > current kernel sources.  What am I missing?
> > 
> You should install them yourself.
> I really wonder why the XFree team decided this way. There ought to be a
> better way.
> Some link's or include directives for the Xfree would have done it (I guess)
> But "they" even decided that syscons was the console driver of choice.
> Not that I have any problems in using either pccons or pcvt.

machine/console.h and machine/ioctl_pc.h are not from XFree86; they
are the system header files for Syscons and Codrv, respectively.
Putting copies of them in the X source tree is a bad idea for obvious

What makes you think that XFree86 decided that Syscons was the console
driver of choice?  They are simply supporting its API along with the
others, and that means including its header file (as well as codrv's).

Note that these files are only necessary for those who choose to
rebuild the server from source code.  Very few people actually bother
with this.

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