Subject: Re: How many sup sessions can lamp handle ?
To: Theo Deraadt <>
From: Peter Galbavy <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/10/1993 07:48:59
> It's now 6.

:-( Any chance of maybe increasing this "out of hours" say 4am to 11am
your time :-> I guess thats there has to be a time when no-one's logged
on doing the hacking ?

'cause I still haven't managed to sup the new currect across since that
big update. I run over a 14.4 ppp line, froma site in London, with 19
hops from me to you...

> With 12 max-connections, 40 disk irq's per second, and
> over 100 irq/sec ethernet. Squish, squish, squish.

ergh ! What is lamp ? Hardware wise that is... My 486/33/1742/32Mb/S3
*feels* like my IPX / LX at work - and seems as quick to compile as
a SPARCstation 10/30 (not a 2 processor 41, like our development server
tho' :-)

BTW - I agree that development takes priority, but if it's this difficult
to get -current, is there now chance you could find cpu-time on another
box and make that the sup server ?

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