Subject: I need help with SLIP
To: Dejan Vucinic <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/08/1993 02:10:06 (Dejan Vucinic) wrote:
> [...]
> Description: I connect through tip, enter SLIP mode, exit OR suspend tip,
> slattach, ifconfig, et voila. Everything works fine until I start a
> transfer (also happens when lot of text scrolls in telnet). Then it just
> stops at random. Lights on modem blink once more after about 10-15 seconds,
> and then nothing.

Sounds like a handshaking problem.  I use hardware handshaking, which
requires that you set the modem registers correctly, have a proper cable,
and pass the '-h' flag to slattach.

> On the other hand, if tip was only suspended, then I can kill slattach,
> but cannot kill tip---looks like the last process that keeps /dev/com0
> open can't die. When I have a zombie left (slattach or tip) at shutdown,
> it won't shut the system down for about 10 minutes, obviously trying
> to kill the zombie.

I assume you tried to kill -9 it.  Sounds like a kernel problem to me.

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