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New Defects reported by Coverity Scan for NetBSD-amd64-user


Please find the latest report on new defect(s) introduced to NetBSD found with 
Coverity Scan.

Defect(s) Reported-by: Coverity Scan
Showing 7 of 79 defect(s)

** CID 602288:  Unchecked return value  (CHECKED_RETURN)
/sys/external/bsd/acpica/dist/common/dmtbdump.c: 291 in AcpiDmDumpFadt()
/sys/external/bsd/acpica/dist/common/dmtbdump.c: 298 in AcpiDmDumpFadt()
/sys/external/bsd/acpica/dist/common/dmtbdump.c: 305 in AcpiDmDumpFadt()
/sys/external/bsd/acpica/dist/common/dmtbdump.c: 311 in AcpiDmDumpFadt()

** CID 602289:  Unchecked return value  (CHECKED_RETURN)
/sys/external/bsd/acpica/dist/common/dmtbdump.c: 153 in AcpiDmDumpRsdp()
/sys/external/bsd/acpica/dist/common/dmtbdump.c: 170 in AcpiDmDumpRsdp()

** CID 701968:  Unintentional integer overflow  (OVERFLOW_BEFORE_WIDEN)
/external/gpl3/binutils/dist/bfd/cofflink.c: 2583 in _bfd_coff_link_input_bfd()

** CID 701969:  Unintentional integer overflow  (OVERFLOW_BEFORE_WIDEN)
/external/gpl3/binutils/dist/bfd/cofflink.c: 2901 in 

** CID 709177:  Printf format string issue  (PW.BAD_PRINTF_FORMAT_STRING)
/external/bsd/ntp/dist/libntp/systime.c: 149 in ()

** CID 97134:  Resource leak  (RESOURCE_LEAK)
/external/bsd/ntp/dist/ntpd/ntp_monitor.c: 194 in mon_getmoremem()

** CID 709179:  Resource leak  (RESOURCE_LEAK)
/external/bsd/ntp/dist/ntpd/refclock_acts.c: 522 in acts_timeout()

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