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New Defects reported by Coverity Scan for NetBSD-i386-user


Please find the latest report on new defect(s) introduced to NetBSD found with 
Coverity Scan.

Defect(s) Reported-by: Coverity Scan
Showing 7 of 25 defect(s)

** CID 980030:  Out-of-bounds access  (ARRAY_VS_SINGLETON)
/sys/kern/kern_ktrace.c: 754 in ktr_genio()

** CID 980031:  Out-of-bounds access  (ARRAY_VS_SINGLETON)
/sys/kern/kern_ktrace.c: 777 in ktr_mibio()

** CID 980317:  Explicit null dereferenced  (FORWARD_NULL)
/sys/kern/kern_ktrace.c: 993 in ktrace_common()
/sys/kern/kern_ktrace.c: 993 in ktrace_common()
/sys/kern/kern_ktrace.c: 993 in ktrace_common()
/sys/kern/kern_ktrace.c: 993 in ktrace_common()

** CID 978251:  Resource leak  (RESOURCE_LEAK)
/sys/dev/dm/dm_ioctl.c: 715 in dm_table_load_ioctl()

** CID 977367:  Out-of-bounds access  (OVERRUN)
/sys/fs/msdosfs/msdosfs_lookup.c: 303 in msdosfs_lookup()

** CID 975184:  Unchecked return value  (CHECKED_RETURN)
/sys/dev/bluetooth/bthub.c: 114 in bthub_attach()

** CID 975265:  Unchecked return value  (CHECKED_RETURN)
/usr.bin/btkey/file.c: 71 in list_file()

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