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New Defects reported by Coverity Scan for NetBSD-i386-user


Please find the latest report on new defect(s) introduced to NetBSD found with 
Coverity Scan.

Defect(s) Reported-by: Coverity Scan
Showing 7 of 10 defect(s)

** CID 1129613:  Free of address-of expression  (BAD_FREE)
/libexec/httpd/lua-bozo.c: 448 in bozo_process_lua()

** CID 980273:  Logically dead code  (DEADCODE)
/sys/dev/pci/ubsec.c: 1005 in ubsec_newsession()

** CID 980274:  Logically dead code  (DEADCODE)
/sys/dev/pci/ubsec.c: 1522 in ubsec_process()

** CID 1129614:  Dereference after null check  (FORWARD_NULL)
/usr.sbin/npf/npfctl/npf_show.c: 160 in print_table()

** CID 1129615:  Argument cannot be negative  (NEGATIVE_RETURNS)
/crypto/external/bsd/openssh/dist/sftp-client.c: 1072 in do_download()

** CID 975573:  Operands don't affect result  (CONSTANT_EXPRESSION_RESULT)
/sys/external/bsd/sljit/dist/sljit_src/sljitLir.c: 1100 in 

** CID 975574:  Operands don't affect result  (CONSTANT_EXPRESSION_RESULT)
/sys/external/bsd/sljit/dist/sljit_src/sljitLir.c: 1081 in 

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