Subject: Re: using X remotely
To: Jose Alburquerque <>
From: Hume Smith <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 01/08/1996 01:15:25
> I was trying to run two applications from another host.
> I used "rlogin host.domain -l myusername", and typed my password to login
> remotely.  I then issued "xhost +host.hostdomain" locally
> to allow displaying
> of graphics to my machine (I don't know if to call it host or server, but I
> think it would be a server(?)). 

xhost + is good enough for fiddling, but anyone on that machine can display
stuff on your -server-, or take it over, or just look at it without you
even seeing anything odd.

some programs (like wish) disable certain features to protect you from
such an open server.

i just tried to figure out a tidy way to get authorizations onto
another machine (use xauth), but NetBSD has a whole new (to me)
rsh mechanism which is probably incompatible with my provider's Sun.

> warning: /usr/lib/ has older revision than expected 8

that means the remote system needs upgrading

>  Warning: translation table syntax error: Unknown keysym name: osfActivate
>  Warning: ... found while parsing '<Key>osfActivate:   ManagerGadgetSelect() '

that seems typical of Motif stuff (try Mosaic!)

since the set of special keys available varies from system to system, and
the semantics of what keys are present are poorly standardised, and the
X keysyms vary wildly (compare HP with the rest of the world), OSF
made up bunch of key symbols of their own, presumably with recommended
keycaps and semantics...

sometimes you can get by with ignoring the warnings and carrying on, but
it sounds like you need to find out how to configure your server's keymaps.
(don't ask me, i'm new to this stuff too.)

Hume Smith   <>   NetBSD r00lz :)

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