Subject: X11R6 compile woes
To: None <amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Karl Stenerud <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 12/16/1995 21:53:34
I've almost got this thing compiled.. but there are still 
some problems:

1.  I need libdbm.  I tried compiling and turning off 
HASLIBDBM but some parts of X need this or they won't 
Where do I get it from?

2.  I can't get it to link with libcrypt.  I tried enabling 
HASLIBCRYPT, and I tried turning it off.  Same effect on 
both: "undefined regerence _crypt blah blah"
Yes, I do have libcrypt.

My system if it helps:
A3000, 8 megs, 2gig, RetinaZ3/4meg, NetBSD1.1 from

Trying to compile X11R6 pl13