Subject: "mondef not ok" - problem! Help, please !
To: None <amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jens Kappe <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 12/03/1995 23:34:29
Hi everybody.

I'm trying to install X-Windows under NetBSD-1.1.
BTW, i'm a NetBSD-Newbie.

I think i copied and unpacked all things where they belong,
read all existing faqs and looked at many places, but i
could not get that X-Windows running :( !

I do have a A2000 with a Picasso (2 MB) Board and i am still
using the generic kernel (that came with the NetBSD-1.1 release).

At Startup it says, that grfcl0 is using the PicassoII, so there
should be no problem, but after starting "startx" the
messages "mondef not ok" pops up. I read in some backups of the
mailinglist on the "Gateway CD" (the ones that where not corrupted !)
that some other people did have the same/similar problems in the past.

Is it possible to get X-Windows up and running without recompiling
the kernel (it should be no problem, but i did not have yet the time
to get all the sources. I was pleased after transporting the whole
NetBSD-1.1-binary tree on 720K disks home after ftping them...) ?

if yes, what am i doing wrong ?
I tried with Xcl, Xamiga24 and even the normal XamigaMono does not
work. :((

Hope that somebody will help me
(BTW my favourite mode would be 800x600 in 8bit - yes, only a 15' monitor)

Thanks in advance for YOUR anwer :)


Windows 95 - selten wurden Rechner so gequšlt.