Subject: Re: Motif?
To: Bo Najdrovsky <>
From: Edward Chadez <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 09/08/1995 16:22:04
In a previous letter, Bo Najdrovsky wrote:
} % I'm just wondering if any company is providing a simular service for 68k
} % machines.  (Perhaps I should ask on one of the other "X" newsgroups?  Anyone
} % else interested?)
} % 
} Yes, I'd like to know this also... I'd buy a copy right away, if one were
} available. (On CDROM preferably, like MOOTIF)

If it came on a CD, I'd have to pull the contents off onto my Linux
machine here at CARL.

I posted a message to, but haven't received a follow-up or a

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