Subject: Re: Motif?
To: amiga-x <amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Edward Chadez <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 09/07/1995 18:37:13
In a previous letter, Alan Bair wrote:
} You can always contact OSF about obtaining a source code license. Though it
} will be a few thousand US$$ and I'm not sure you can redistribute the libraries
} or any aplications built with them without collecting a license fee. 
} This sounds pretty commercial to me :-)

Me, too.  :-)  Without going into the details of the decision making, don't
you find it odd that the "free" xview libraries have lost out to the
"costly" Motif libraries in the war of interfaces?  Personally, I -don't-
like having all my apps look like carbon copies of one another.  But that's
just me, and I understand the need for some people to have a constant 
look-n-feel to their interface.

} If any of those "look a like" libraries actually work, you could try obtaining
} the source code and porting it to Linux/m68k. I think Linux/m68k is still too
} young to have much of this available yet, but hopefully it will come.

Ah, but these aren't really "look-a-like" libraries at all!  They're
genuine OSF/Motif libraries, compiled from the OSF/Motif sources.  You see,
a company buys the sources with permission to distribute the libraries.
They then compile the libs, turn around and sell them for varraying prices
(depending on what kind of support and/or documentation that accompanies
the package).

SWiM, for example, is genuine OSF/Motif libs, packaged on a CD-ROM with a 
few examples and a nice book, all for the low, low price of $150 (or so).
Mootif is closer to $100, and Moteeth is (was) around $90, both with
probably less documentation.

Each of these packages (and there are quite a few more) MUST send $40 of
the retail price back to the OSF as part of the licenesing fee.  Getting 
the sources for these packages would be the same as getting the costly 
sources from the OSF.

I'm just wondering if any company is providing a simular service for 68k
machines.  (Perhaps I should ask on one of the other "X" newsgroups?  Anyone
else interested?)

Raul Miller mentioned "lesstif."  LessTif is what you would call a
"look-a-like" (or really a "plays-a-like") because he's writing a Motif
_comptatible_ library completely on his own.  When finished, this library
will be API compatible with the real Motif, but he still has a way to go.
And there's still question as to whether or not the OSF will allow him to 
complete it.  (Some say the OSF encourages this kind of thing, others say 
they'll sue his pants off!)

} PS: Thanks for posting that query about CV64 drivers, it seems to have shaken
} 	some actual driver writters out of the trees.

My pleasure.

Maybe I can rattle some Motif information out of these trees.  :-)

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