Subject: Re: RetinaZ3 and the art of screenmodes
To: Dave Blaszyk <>
From: src <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 08/30/1995 17:33:52
> I have several questions about trying to setup a Retina card with
> NetBSD.  I have recently purchased a Retina ZII card for my A2000
> and was wondering if anyone could comment on the following:
> 	- where is the fastest color X server for the Retina?

	The only one I know of is XamigaRetina, available at uni-regensburg
and mirrors in /pub/NetBSD-Amiga/contrib/X11.  As for fast...  Well, it's
a Retina Z2 - don't expect much.

> 	- where can one find information on the configuration files
> 	  that need to be updated with respect to NetBSD?

	You may need to update your kernel to include grf1 (which by default
is the Retina Z2 driver) and ite1.  The XamigaRetina server requires a screen
mode definition in /usr/local/X11R6/lib/X11/RetinaMonDef.  That file can be
made under AmigaDos with DefineMonitor, hopefully included with your Retina

> 	- Is source available for any Retina-based servers?  I would be willing
> 	  to help fine-tune a server to help increase performance improvements
> 	  for the Retina ZII.

	I haven't seen the source - I'm not even sure who wrote it.  Look at
the Readme for more information.

> 	- If source is available, can I get to it in from a US-based server.
> 	  Constantly getting things from Germany is a real drain on system
> 	  resources, but I would be willing to get it there if it is the location.

	Apparently, there is a new US mirror of uni-regensburg's NetBSD. Look
at Uni-regensburg's /pub/NetBSD-Amiga/MIRRORS file for more info.

> I know these questions keep getting asked, so as a penance, and as
> a service to the NetBSD community, I will setup a better FAQ on the Web
> as soon as I can get my machine up and running, and place it on
> our local network.

	Good.  Last I saw it the Amiga-x FAQ was still back in pre-1.0 and 
X11R5.  It really needs an overhaul, including the new Cirrus, Xamiga24, and 
XDaniver servers, plus configuration under X11R6 and NetBSD 1.0 and post 1.0
-current.  Wouldn't hurt to include bits about compiling the X11R6 source tree
on NetBSD-m68k8k.

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