Subject: Re: RetinaZ3 and the art of screenmodes
To: Markus Wild <>
From: Dave Blaszyk <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 08/30/1995 08:58:42
I have several questions about trying to setup a Retina card with
NetBSD.  I have recently purchased a Retina ZII card for my A2000
and was wondering if anyone could comment on the following:

	- where is the fastest color X server for the Retina?

	- where can one find information on the configuration files
	  that need to be updated with respect to NetBSD?

	- Is source available for any Retina-based servers?  I would be willing
	  to help fine-tune a server to help increase performance improvements
	  for the Retina ZII.

	- If source is available, can I get to it in from a US-based server.
	  Constantly getting things from Germany is a real drain on system
	  resources, but I would be willing to get it there if it is the location.

I know these questions keep getting asked, so as a penance, and as
a service to the NetBSD community, I will setup a better FAQ on the Web
as soon as I can get my machine up and running, and place it on
our local network.

Thanks for any information,