Subject: Which server to use with Retina Z3?
To: None <amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: R. H. Wood <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 08/18/1995 07:20:32
I finally took the plunge and have a (2nd-hand) Retina Z3-4MB board on its 
way.  It'll be here Saturday (tomorrow)!

I've rebuilt a kernel from a yesterday's-sup.  (I've been running one 
built May 1).  This new one has the RETINA_SPEED_HACK option included
(along with the "SERIBUF_SIZE-16738 - hope that's okay with only 12meg of 
fast ram. Comments, MW?).

My questions are:
	1) Which X server is the one-of-choice currently for use with the
	   Z-III?  Xamiga24? or XamigaRetina?  
	   I have a 9Feb95 of the latter, but I don't have an Xamiga24 
	   binary at all.

	2) Is that all I need to do kernel-wise to get the Retina running?
	   Anything else I need to watch out for or do before installing
	   it and giving it a whirl?

I've been using Xdaniver-1.1 with fvwm as a window manager. But, due to a 
non-responsive keyboard & mouse, I'm still using  Anyone
moved on to with the (whichever) server using a R. Z-III?

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