Subject: Re: Retina Z2-4mb - How many colors can you get
To: Robert Palmer <>
From: R. H. Wood <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 08/15/1995 14:11:29
According to Robert Palmer:
> From: Robert Palmer <>
> I can tell you that they work very well.  It took a while for me to get 
> my X-server up and running but it works very well.  It is not extremely 
> fast but decently fast.  If you would like to purchase mine I will sell 
> it to you for a fair price.  Take care.
> --Robert
> Robert Palmer, FAMU/FSU College of Engineering/NHMFL
> E-Mail:
> WWW:

So, is it faster than the ECS and Xdanvier?  And can you squeeze out more
than 16 colors with the Z2?

I'm looking mainly for better (more colors) graphics.  A little speed
up would be nice, too.  If performance is about the same as I've already
got, I'd be inclined to wait for somebody to offer his/her Z3.

-- dick