Subject: Re: Retina Z2-4mb in an A3000-12mb
To: None <>
From: src <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 08/15/1995 14:20:20
> I see Retina Z2-4mb boards posted occasionally on c.s.a.m.
> Would I be happy with this card running NetBSD?  There don't seem to be 
> any Z3 cards for sale on c.s.a.m lately, and retail ($600 plus US) seems 
> a little high to be investing in this box - at this point, at least. Esp.
> with the power-pc boxes lurking in the near future.

	I have a Retina Z2 with 2megs, and am quite happy with it under NetBSD.
I usually run at 1152x900x8bit @ 60hz, making for a nice and solid, albeit 
slow, X display.

	The AmigaDos software for it (RetinaEMU) is not terribly good, and it 
is not supported by CyberGFX (and I doubt it ever will be, as they would have 
to make functions  to emulate work that blitters to in other boards), but 
XamigaRetina is just fine.  The Z2 makes for a low cost hires X display.
	I'd get something else if you can (Picasso comes to mind), but if you 
don't want to spend much money, it'll do the job.