Subject: Re: Help with Xdaniver
To: None <amiga-x@NetBSD.ORG>
From: N. Baccari <>
List: amiga-x
Date: 06/22/1995 08:15:21
>According to N. Baccari:
>>  I have just installed X11R6 with Xdaniver over NetBSD 1.0 . All
>> seems to work great except for the display thats used when I
>> start Xwindows. I have NetBSD booting into a 680x485 PAL screen
>> on my 1084 monitor with no problem but starting X always causes
>> it to use the default display size. I have tried to pass the
>> width and height to startx but they are ignored. How can I
>> change the display? Being new at this I'm sure its something
>use something like 
>xinit -- /usr/X11/bin/Xdaniver-1.0 -W 668 -H 570 -v -logo -a 5

 Great! This worked...almost. In supplying these args to xinit
 I kept getting error saying "too many args for chdir" which
 was one of the original errors I was getting. I added these args
 to X in my xserverrc file and that did it. I guess the confusion
 for me was Xdaniver says to pass -width <int> etc.. when it should
 be -W <int>.
>> fairly simple. The docs for Xdaniver and the FAQ-X didnt
>> help me. Also, are the arguments to Xdaniver documented anywhere.
>> While trying to set the screen, Xdaniver would print a screenfull
>> of possible arguments that scrolled off my screen. The readme
>just run X (Xdaniver) with an invalid argument (like -?) and it
>will spit out all its options and their meaning(s)
>> doesnt say anything about these. Thanks in advance.
>try piping the output thru more  (or less) - that's all the docs
>I've seen, too.  (There is a manpage for X but I'm not sure if
>everything's exactly the same).

 I already tried piping output through more but for some reason
 the pipe was ignored. I guess I will just have to read very quickly.
 By the way, does anybody know the options for -cc (color class).
 If I use -cc 2 as per docs I get default Xdaniver colors with no
 complaints from clients about not finding colors. If I use -cc 1
 I get a greyscale desktop but when I shut down X my xterm hangs
 and I have to reboot.?

 Thanks For your Help. I have now entered the world of X.

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>Good luck.
>-- dick